What in the hell does slaysh mean?
slay ยท sh [slay - sh]

An event that causes an immense emotional response due to its infinite style and shear level of max rad.

To perform a jaw dropping, pants pooping, baby birthing maneuver. Normally involves pissing off old people and/or running from security.

Quit slayshin to AudioSlaysh, grab your slaysh stick and let’s go slaysh the slaysh.

When was the first slaysh?
No one truly knows when the first slaysh occured, however, it was first heard on a friend’s snowboarding trip from a local asking them if they would like to “slaysh the gnar.” The following day Kool and the Gang met atop a mountain where they proceeded to embark on the most epic back woods snowboard adventure ever to take place this side of the galaxy … or at least that day.

Why am I here?
For new, awesome music! We’re dedicated to bringing you the newest ear worms in the cleanest fashion.

Who are we?
Just some dudes from Atlanta that love new beast music!

Is ranch dressing the best condiment?
Yes, you could make a turd taste like heaven with enough ranch dressing.

For any questions, comments or penicillin contact us at audioslaysh@gmail.com.